Whether you want feedback on a feature, a short film, webisode or just a two page pitch document, I can help.

I love reading new projects and meeting the brains behind them. I give complex and detailed notes - and often I advise on the next steps. I recently read a compelling webisode project and then put the writer in touch with an emerging producer - they hit it off and are now seeking funding as a team. On another occasion, I read a fantastic piece of writing and encouraged the creator to attend the AWG/VIVID Sydney speed pitching event.

If I can see a way forward for your idea, I do my best to find the right path. 


Please get in touch for more information. 

Script Services

Gold Script Assessment - $550

For feature length projects.

This is a full assessment, it includes 5-6 pages of written notes,

and a follow up meeting on Zoom or Skype, or in person (1hr) .

Silver Script Assessment - $400

For under 60 pages (up to 1 hour duration)

This includes 3-4 pages of written notes

Face to Face or Online Meeting - $75

For an additional face to face or online Zoom meeting


Story Treatments - $300

Story consultancy & advice on story and structure from an expert on story.

Television Bibles of 10 pages - $500

Consultancy - does your bible have all the key ingredients you need to dazzle the reader?

2 page pitch documents - $200

Consultancy: how can you grab the reader’s attention,

explain the series and have impact in only two pages?


Gold package - $200

Includes 3 meetings across three months. Receive professional advice on your career trajectory, and check in over the course of three months to track your progress

Silver package - $75

Includes one meeting on Zoom or Skype to discuss your career and steps to move forward